Environmental, Social and Governance

2019 was a fruitful year as we witnessed the collaborative effort in embedding values of sustainability into our buildings and operations.


As one of the responsible property developers in Hong Kong, the Company shoulders the responsibility of delivering longstanding buildings that encourage interactive engagement and environmental stewardship. In light of this, we take an active role in upgrading our buildings and participating in local environmental campaigns. As a result of our dedication to pursue quality properties, we have been recognised as a developer of the “Five Stars Residency for the Year 2019 — Upper East” and the “Five Stars Residency for the Year 2019 — One East Coast” by the Hong Kong Professional Building Inspection Academy.


Long before the commencement of our sustainable journey, we had been reinforcing the Company’s risk management and ESG management approach. Through integrative management framework to identify risks and opportunities, we hope to expedite the Company’s long-term sustainable development.